Dean of the Faculty of Informatics:

Prof. Marek Kisiel-Dorohinicki, D.Sc., Eng.

Phone: + 48 (12) 328-34-00
Fax: +48 (12) 617-51-72
Location: D17, room 2.31

Prof. Marek Kisiel-Dorohinicki, D.Sc., Eng., works academically in the area of agent systems and metaheuristic computing. He is also interested in software engineering problems. For many years, he has led prestigious NCBiR-funded projects in the area of Security and Defense, carrying out many implementations of the developed software. He holds a number of organizational management positions within the University structure, being, among others, Director of the Implementation Management Center and the AGH Security Technology Center.

For several years, he has been heavily involved in the program to digitize the workflow at AGH.

Vice Dean for Science:

Prof. Krzysztof Boryczko, D.Sc., Eng.

Phone: +48 (12) 328-33-49
Location: D17, room 3.43

Prof. Krzysztof Boryczko D.Sc., Eng. works in the area of simulation (in particular using DPD method) of physical phenomena, using HPC type infrastructure, such as GPGPU, and selected problems in the field of machine learning. He has many years of experience working in university administration as Dean and Vice Dean. He also chairs the Computer Science Discipline Council at AGH.

Vice Dean for Cooperation:

Prof. Aleksander Byrski, D.Sc., Eng.

Phone: +48 (12) 328-33-30
Location: D-17, room 3.12

Prof. Aleksander Byrski, D.Sc., in the area of metaheuristic computing with a special focus on agent-based systems. He is also interested in simulation and computing using HPC infrastructure. In his professional work, he is particularly focused on working with students on projects, master's and doctoral theses, the fruits of which are numerous scientific publications. He has also been involved in organizational work (inside and outside the university) for many years, serving, among other things, as chairman of AGH's Committee on Ethics of Research with Human Participation. He is also one of the longest-serving secretaries of the Computer Science journal and member of the presidium of the Committee on Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Prodziekan ds. Kształcenia:

Marek Gajęcki, Ph.D.

Telefon: +48 (12) 328-33-93
Adres: D-17, room 1.23

Marek Gajęcki, Ph.D. is one of the most experienced and respected didacticians at the AGH Department of Computer Science. He has several years of experience as a dean, and is a well-liked and respected mentor to many generations of students, introducing them to the arcana of Computer Science during their first semesters of study.

Administrative Director of the Faculty of Informatics:

Kinga Grzesik-Staroń, M.A.

Telefon: +48 (12) 328-34-16
Adres: D-17, room 2.12

Kinga Grzesik-Staroń, M.A., is a graduate of the Faculty of Management at the Cracow University of Economics. She has many years of experience in administrative work - she worked in the Administrative Office of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications in a position responsible for personnel matters, reporting and accounting for funded activities, then in a managerial position of the Department of Evaluation of Science and Scientific Degrees in the Science Service Center as a person responsible at the University level for promotion procedures - at the same time managing the affairs of the Council of the Discipline of Technical Informatics and Telecommunications. She currently serves as Administrative Director of AGH's youngest Faculty.