AGH Computer Science Center is envisaged as a broad based unit having both an education and research mandate. As such, it provides ample space for lectures, seminars and meetings offering well equipped laboratories and research facilities, along with technical areas. With the most up to date IT technology, it is one of Europe's most advanced teaching and research facilities. The Center is uniquely suited to act as a ‘living laboratory’  for innovation, testing, demonstration, and learning. It means users can now go beyond laboratory simulations and explore, for instance, advanced networking practice since the network offers live demonstration of technologies such as multi-protocol label switching, virtual routing and forwarding, virtual switching systems, dynamic routing using both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, multicast, quality of service functionality, virtual PC, data center bridging, and network security. Thanks to 15 most modern laboratories, the Center is a place where problem-based teaching, research, and applied work combine to create opportunities to acquire specific knowledge.

Laboratory of Networked Multimedia Systems

3-D Visualisation Laboratory

Computer Networks Laboratory

Laboratory of Telepresence

Database Laboratory

Digital Technology Laboratory

Mobile Systems Laboratory

Mobile Robots Laboratory

Embedded Systems and Microprocesors Laboratory