Forms of collaboration


How can you collaborate with us?


If you represent a school, we invite you to the AGH Open Days and Scientistis' Night, which are held annually in the Małopolska region of Poland (LINK). Unfortunately, we are unable to provide guided tours outside these types of events due to the workload of our staff.

Are you looking for lessons on basic cyber security, digital hygiene, and combating disinformation for your school or class? Please contact us! Send an email to to find out what we have prepared!


Are you an engineer or a student who is looking to gain experience in development work? We welcome you to apply and work on our development projects on commercial terms.


Do you represent an HR department or a business that is interested in recruitment? Get in touch with our Scientific Association BIT at – our members are happy to organize presentations by company representatives, skill-enhancing courses, and more.

Are you looking for a partner for cooperation (perhaps in project implementation, joint engineering work, or master’s or doctoral projects)? Write to us! Our experienced research and development team can help you make a significant contribution to the development of Polish science as well as the future.

Do you want to develop your employees’ competencies? Are you looking for courses, training, or postgraduate studies in various fields of computer science, data science, or cybersecurity? Choose programs that are led by practitioners with years of experience – AGH employees. AGH is one of the leading technical universities in Poland! Check out our offer:


Are you a researcher who is interested in ICT-related topics? We invite you to collaborate on projects (ours or yours) and recruitment for research and teaching positions!

If you are an experienced educator in the fields of computer science or cybersecurity, we invite you to collaborate on educational projects and recruitment for teaching positions.


Do you want to implement a project using new technologies in artistic activities or organize an educational initiative, scientific event, or innovative project? Write to us and schedule a meeting with our experts!


Are you looking for an expert in information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence, data science, big data, quantum technologies, cyber security, forensic computing, or related fields? Do you want to invite someone who can explain new technologies and scientific discoveries in ICT in an accessible manner? Contact the promotion department at



If you have ideas, motivation, and a vision that goes beyond the above-mentioned frames, simply write to us – let’s see what exciting things we can do together. :)


As an academic partner of Visual Paradigm, Visual Paradigm is providing us with their UML tools, database design tools and agile tools for educational use.

Write to us!