Education Quality System

Best Practices and Improving Education Quality

How do we maintain high education quality at the Faculty of Computer Science? 

 Supporting Educators' Engagement 

Our educators participate in courses that enhance qualifications in modern teaching techniques (the Faculty has participated in two POWER projects). Annually, our lecturers and instructors are nominated for the AGH Didactic Laurel, the Rector's Teaching Award, and are also advisors for theses awarded in AGH Diamonds. Educational achievements are documented by all employees in a dedicated, centrally managed information system. This serves as the basis for applying for various awards at the university level.

 We Listen to Our Students

Once a semester, we organize meetings with students, including members of the Student Representative Council, during which we discuss the contents of syllabi and educational programs. This allows us to understand the student perspective and gives student representatives a real influence on the course of their studies. The Vice Dean for Education, Marek Gajęcki, Ph.D. conducts training for class representatives in the first year on contacting students and conveying important educational information. This ensures continuous contact through selected representatives of the student community.

Students also actively participate in organizing enrollments for various laboratory groups, to adjust the hours of instruction we offer to their time preferences.

In matters related to exams, credits, or teaching, students are also supported by the Faculty Student Advisor for Educational Affairs.

 We Develop Business Relationships

We maintain constant contact with business representatives - the Social Council of the AGH Faculty of Computer Science, industry associations such as the Polish Cybersecurity Cluster, and leading IT companies operating in Poland. The business environment supports us by consulting on selected changes in our educational programs, in order to maintain the graduate profile attractive to the job market. Thanks to contacts with industry organizations and companies, we also organize many free educational events for our students (including the Student Innovation Festival IT is ME, AGH Cyber Campus, lectures and workshops conducted by IT company specialists).

 We Assess the Level of Education

Centralized surveys are conducted at the end of each semester's classes. Students evaluate each subject, form of classes, and all instructors with whom they had classes. The surveys are integrated and preliminarily processed by technical support and then sent to the University Team for Education Quality (UZJK) for the relevant discipline. The course coordinator from UZJK analyzes the survey results for any potential violations, such as syllabus entries.

Accreditations and Distinctions for the Faculty

1. KAUT Accreditations and EUR-ACE® Label Certificates


  Computer Science program (Bachelor's and Master's) – 2023

  Computer Science-Data Science program (Master's) – 2023

The University Accreditation Commission of Technical Universities (KAUT), established by the Conference of Rectors of Polish Technical Universities on February 17, 2001, is authorized to accredit programs of technical universities. The Commission consists of representatives from 25 universities.

The EUR-ACE® Label (European Accredited Engineer) is an accreditation program that confirms a high level and compliance with the norms and principles of quality in university-level education accepted in Europe. Thanks to the accreditation, the university gains confirmation of the high quality of engineering education and that the teaching is conducted according to the standards set by professional organizations. Students can be assured that programs with the EUR-ACE® Label meet international standards and are recognized by employers across Europe. Employers, in turn, are assured that the candidate’s competencies in terms of knowledge, understanding, and practical skills comply with international standards in engineering education.

2. PKA Evaluation

  Outstanding Evaluation - Computer Science program (Bachelor's and Master's) – 2011, 2018


The Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA) is the first independent institution operating within the Polish higher education system aimed at improving the quality of education at all public and private universities within this system, authorized to assess the fulfillment of conditions for conducting education and its quality at undergraduate and graduate levels.

An outstanding evaluation is awarded to units distinguished by a high level and exemplary organization of their educational and scientific activities, good material resources, the scope and nature of international cooperation, an exceptional staff recognized nationally and internationally, offering students participation in international studies and programs, as well as creating conditions for the development of their scientific activity.

3. Scientific Category

  Scientific Category A – Discipline: Computer Science – 2023


The mandatory evaluation of scientific activity is conducted by the Scientific Evaluation Committee and is ultimately approved by the minister. The results of the evaluation determine whether an institution will maintain/acquire the rights to offer degree programs, doctoral schools, and confer degrees and titles. The evaluation also affects the amount of subsidies received from the state budget.


The Scientific Evaluation Committee awards Category A (very good) to units representing a high level relative to international standards, based on the following criteria:

  •  The scientific or artistic level of the conducted scientific activities; 
  •  Financial outcomes of scientific research and development work; 
  •  The impact of scientific activities on the functioning of society and the economy.

4. Ranking of Technical Studies “Perspectives”

  2nd place - Computer Science (M.Sc. Eng.) – 2018, 2010, 2021, 2022, 2023 

  1st place – Computer Science (M.Sc. Eng.) – 2019


1st place in training IT specialists – AGH – 2014, 2015


The Study Programs Ranking provides organized information about the most popular study programs conducted at Polish academic institutions. Each year, 'Perspektywy' evaluates dozens of groups of study programs in several fields.

The consistently high yearly performance of the Computer Science program confirms the level and quality of education and modern educational facilities. The evaluation of programs considered the following criteria: prestige, graduates in the job market, academic potential, educational potential, scientific potential, internationalization, and additional criteria.