We invite you to submit scientific papers for the ICCS 2024 conference!

The International Conference on Computational Science is an annual event that brings together researchers in mathematics and computer science as major computational disciplines, as well as pioneers in the application of computational methods in sciences such as physics, chemistry, life sciences, as well as in the arts and humanities.

On 2-4 June 2024, the twenty-fourth edition of this highly successful conference will take place in Málaga, Spain, which is once again co-organised by the employees of the AGH Department of Computer Science.

Prof. Maciej Paszynski chairs and coordinates the thematic tracks, and Prof. Marian Bubak and Dr Katarzyna Rycerz organise one of them - Quantum Computing. Our researchers also sit on the event's programme committee.


Submitting a scientific article is a unique opportunity to take part in a recognised international event, meet pioneers in research, establish new contacts, and exchange knowledge and experience.

Authors of selected publications will be invited to present at the conference.

For more information:

conference website: https://www.iccs-meeting.org/iccs2024/

flyer: http://qcw2024.agh.edu.pl/QCW2024.pdf

thematic track website: http://qcw2024.agh.edu.pl/

  • 5 months ago