Department of Computer Science AGH and Sano Centre for Computational Medicine

Friday, 11th of October, 2019, 14.20-15.00.00, Centrum Informatyki AGH
Krakow, ul. Kawiory 21, room 2.41

ICT to support the transformation of Science in the Roaring Twenties
Prof. dr. ir. Cees de Laat
Chair of the System and Network Engineering (SNE) Laboratory, Faculty of Science University of Amsterdam


The way how science is done is profoundly changing. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are now applied in most of the sciences to process data and understand (or not) the observed phenomena. The recent research directions and results with respect to data and data exchange to feed the AI-ML layer will be addressed in this talk.


Prof. dr. ir. Cees de Laat chairs the System and Network Engineering (SNE) laboratory at the Faculty of Science at University of Amsterdam. The SNE lab conducts research on leading-edge computer systems of all scales, ranging from global-scale systems and networks to embedded devices. Across these multiple scales our particular interest is on extra-functional properties of systems, such as performance, programmability, productivity, security, trust, sustainability and, last but not least, the societal impact of emerging systems-related technologies. His own work focusses on the developments of High Performance Networks and Secure Trusted Distributed Data Processing Systems. Prof. de Laat serves on the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Policy Board for matters regarding ESnet, is co-founder of the Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF), founder of and founding member of His group was/is part of a.o. EU projects GN4-2, SWITCH, CYCLONE, ENVRIplus and ENVRI, Geysers, NOVI, NEXTGRID, EGEE, and nationally projects DAS, EPI, DL4LD, SARNET, COMMIT, GIGAport and VL-e. He is a member of the Advisory Board Internet Society Netherlands and Scientific technical advisory board of SURF Netherlands. See:

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