Date: 16th of May 2019 (Thursday)

Time: 12:45

Place: room 2.41; building D.17

Topic: "HOFEM: A Parallel Higher Order Finite Element Method Electromagnetic Simulator"
Lecturer: prof. Luis Garcia-Castillo 

Abstract:  HOFEM uses a weak formulation based on double curl vector wave equation discretized with higher-order isoparametric curl-conforming finite elements of different shapes (support for non-uniform polynomial order p of the elements is included in the experimental branch). A scalable (in the parallel sense) non-standard mesh truncation technique, FE-IIEE (Finite Element - Iterative Integral Equation Evaluation for open region problems provides an arbitrarily exact absorbing boundary condition while retaining the original sparse structure of the FEM matrices. HOFEM may use direct sparse solvers such as MUMPS or MKL CLUSTER PARDISO. However, specialized solver interfaces are used to minimize memory consumption and also for finite periodic type structures. Iterative solvers are used in the context of Domain Decomposition Methods (DDM); specifically, of non-overlapping type. A conformal version of DDM using Robin-type transmission conditions between domains is on production and a more sophisticated non-conformal vers on with higher-order transmission conditions is in the experimental branch.  

  • 5 years ago