Institute of Computer Science AGH and IBM Software Laboratory in Krakow invite to Krakow Quantum Informatics Seminar (KQIS)
•    understand and discuss current problems in quantum informatics,
•    discuss new quantum computing technologies,
•    exchange ideas and research results,
•    integrate information across different research teams,
•    build a community around quantum informatics.
Venue:  via Internet, Webex

Tuesday, 11th of May 2021, 9:30-11:00

Akash Kundu, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics Polish Academy of Sciences, Gliwice, Poland

Topic: Variational Quantum State Diagonalization: Review and Examples



Classical methods of state diagonalization typically scales polynomially in the matrix dimension. On the other hand quantum principle component analysis (qPCA) requires significant number of qubits and gates in its subroutines. And to tackle these issues, quantum state diagonalization using parameterized quantum circuit has been introduced by R. LaRose We give a brief review of the algorithm, and discuss its application under a class of scenarios.

[1] R. LaRose, Variational quantum state diagonalization, npj Quantum Information 5, 57 (2019).
[2] S. Lloyd, M. Mohseni, & P. Rebentrost, Quantum principal component analysis. Nat. Phys. 10, 631–633 (2014).
[3]  M. Cerezo, Variational Quantum Fidelity Estimation, Quantum 4, 248 (2020).

Bio: Akash Kundu is a doctoral student at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics, Polish Academy of Sciences under supervision of Professor Jarosław Adam Miszczak.

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