Date: 21st of January 2019 (Monday)

Time: 14:20 

Place: room 2.41; building D.17

Topic: High-Performance Isogeometric Analysis: PetIGA & PetIGA-MF
Lecturer: Victor M. Calo

We developed fast implementations for isogeometric finite element solvers based on tensor product B-spline/NURBS. These solvers are written using the PETSc library. We will discuss several applications of this framework to linear and nonlinear model problems. In particular, we will detail some phase field modeling applications and micropolar fluids.

Dr Victor Calo is a Professor of Applied Geology at Curtin University. Dr Calo holds the CSIRO Professorial Chair in Computational Geoscience and is a highly cited researcher who is actively involved in disseminating knowledge: Dr Calo has authored 160+ peer-reviewed publications. Dr Calo’s research Interests include modelling and simulation of geomechanics, fluid dynamics, flow in porous media, phase separation, fluid-structure interaction, solid mechanics, and high-performance computing.

  • 5 years, 6 months ago