Adaptive metaheuristic algorithms

Adaptive metaheuristic algorithms

The research topic is carried out within a group under the supervision of Prof. Robert Schaefer. It encompasses the creation and analysis of algorithms that are capable of adapting to a solved problem, a computational environment, and user requirements. The primary goal of algorithm adaptation is to minimize the cost of obtaining a solution and/or the possibility of achieving a computationally problem solution that was previously unattainable. Our methodology draws from classical mathematics, operations research, and linguistic mechanisms while combining them with artificial intelligence algorithms (memetic algorithms and agent systems).

In particular, the research includes hybrid algorithms of hierarchical memetic searches with extensive AI post-processing (clustering, multi-winner search method). We apply them to solve challenging inverse problems that are related to the search for oil, the diagnosis of cancer, etc.

Keywords: adaptive algorithms, stochastic algorithms, memetic algorithms, solving ill-posed problems, finite element method

Key publications related to research area:

1. Jakub Sawicki, Marcin Łoś, Maciej Smołka, Robert Schaefer, Julen Álvarez-Aramberri; Approximating landscape insensitivity regions in solving ill-conditioned inverse problems.  Memetic Computing, Vol. 10, pp. 279-289, DOI: 10.1007/s12293-018-0258-5

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Contact: dr inż. Maciej Woźniak BPP AGH


Research Team: A2S

Team Leader: prof. dr hab. inż. Robert Schaefer BPP AGH