Data Archiving and Access Systems

Data Archiving and Access Systems

This research is related to the development of efficient and transparent access methods for heterogeneous large-volume data that is stored in geographically distributed mass-storage systems. The “anytime/anyplace” paradigm is utilized in two variants: federated organizations, and non-federated organizations. The developed multi-layer model of the system envisions efficient operations on metadata that describes the context of data usage (considering its security and trustworthiness among its providers) as well as the data types, locations, and user preferences. Efficient access to large data sets can support research in complex systems where multiparametric computer models are employed. Parametric research is used for their optimization in the form of “data-farming” methodologies. The subject matter is closely related to contemporary trends in “big data” and “data science.”

keywords: archiving systemsbig data, data science

Contact: prof. dr hab. inż. Jacek Kitowski BPP AGH


Research team: CSG