Data Archiving and Access Systems

Data Archiving and Access Systems

Research activity of Data Access Team is concentrated on methods of effective, transparent access to heterogeneous big data resources distributed geographically. Two variants of “anytime/anyplace” paradigm are applied: for federated and nonfederated models of organizations. The multilevel system model under development is context awareness making use of metadata for security and trust as well as for description of data type, data localization and user preferences. Effective access to big data resources can be used for supporting research on complex systems for development of multiparameter computer models. For their optimization parameter studies are performed with “data farming” approach. The scope of research is positioned well in current “Big Data” and “Data Science” worldwide activity.

The research is performed with close collaboration with ACK Cyfronet AGH and some pilots are used for EU grants implementation.

keywords: big data, data science

Contact person: Prof. Jacek Kitowski 


Research team: CSG