Distributed Computing

Distributed Computing

The research interests revolve around the development of methods, techniques, and environments for distributed programming, with a particular focus on cluster, grid, and cloud environments in the context of complex high-complexity e-Science computational problems. This encompasses workflow applications, component-based and service-oriented applications, and event-driven systems. We are developing algorithms and multi-scale computations that leverage diverse environments in a multiprogramming model, along with resource management, task scheduling, and optimization. Recently, we have also been exploring quantum computing computations.


Keywords: grid environments, cloud computing, quantum computing

Contact: dr inż. Marian Bubak BPP AGH

E-mail: bubak@agh.edu.pl

Research Team: CSG

Team Leader: prof. dr hab. inż. Jacek Kitowski BPP AGH

Website: www.icsr.agh.edu.pl