Distributed computation

Distributed computation

Research interests of the Distributed Computing Environments Team are focused basically on methods, techniques and environments for programming and execution of complex scientific applications on cluster, Grid and Cloud infrastructures. More detailed topics include collaborative Web-based environments for e-Science, knowledge-based approach to computation and data, including registries, application monitoring, provenence and semantic integration. In addition they cover also services, components, workflows, composition and integration of heterogeneous service oriented and event-driven applications, as well as support for multi-scale, multi-infrastructure and multi-programming-model applications. Quantum computing is under interest recently.

The research is performed with close collaboration with ACK Cyfronet AGH in wide international partnership, also in the frame of EU funded grants.

Keywords: grid environments, cloud computing, quantum computing

Contact: Marian Bubak

E-mail: bubak@agh.edu.pl

Research team: CSG

Team leader: Prof. Jacek Kitowski

Website: www.icsr.agh.edu.pl