Efficient and Efficacious Metaheuristics and Simulation Research Group

Efficient and Efficacious Metaheuristics and Simulation Research Group 

This team’s inception can be traced back to 2013; it specializes in developing innovative computational algorithms – particularly metaheuristics (including agent-based ones) and simulations (based on cellular automata and agent-based simulation algorithms). They consider not only their effectiveness but also their efficiency – particularly in terms of their high scalability on supercomputers. The team members often employ unconventional technologies (e.g., functional languages, actor models) and utilize the infrastructure of ACK Cyfronet AGH to support their scientific research. The team is open to both national and international collaboration and enthusiastically include interested students and doctoral candidates in their work.


Doctoral Candidates:

mgr inż. Krzysztof Odrzywołek

mgr inż. Grażyna Starzec


Individuals Who Completed Their Doctorates as Part of Team’s Work:

dr inż. Szymon Szomiński (2019)

dr inż. Bogdan Gliwa (2017)

dr inż. Wojciech Korczyński (2017)


Selected Publications by the Team:

Desynchronization in distributed Ant Colony Optimization in HPC environment / Mateusz STARZEC, Grażyna STARZEC, Aleksander BYRSKI, Wojciech TUREK, Kamil PIĘTAK // Future Generation Computer Systems ; ISSN 0167-739X. — 2020 vol. 109, s. 125–133

Distributed ant colony optimization based on actor model / Mateusz STARZEC, Grażyna STARZEC, Aleksander BYRSKI, Wojciech TUREK // Parallel Computing ; ISSN 0167-8191. — 2019 vol. 90 art. no. 102573, s. 1–9.

Fine tuning of agent-based evolutionary computing / Michał Mizera, Paweł Nowotarski, Aleksander BYRSKI, Marek KISIEL-DOROHINICKI // Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research ; ISSN 2083-2567. — 2019 vol. 9 no. 2, s. 81–97.

Flexible asynchronous simulation of iterated prisoner’s dilemma based on actor model / Grażyna SKIBA, Mateusz STARZEC, Aleksander BYRSKI, Katarzyna RYCERZ, Marek KISIEL-DOROHINICKI, Wojciech TUREK, Daniel KRZYWICKI, Tom Lenaerts, Juan C. Burguillo // Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory : International Journal of the Federation of European Simulation Societies ; ISSN 1569-190X. — 2018 vol. 83, s. 75–92.

High-performance computing framework with desynchronized information propagation for large-scale simulations / Jakub Bujas, Dawid Dworak, Wojciech TUREK, Aleksander BYRSKI // Journal of Computational Science ; ISSN 1877-7503. — 2019 vol. 32, s. 70–86.

Leveraging rapid simulation and analysis of large urban road systems on HPC / Wojciech TUREK, Leszek SIWIK, Aleksander BYRSKI // Transportation Research. Part C, Emerging Technologies ; ISSN 0968-090X. — 2018 vol. 87, s. 46–57

Socio-cognitively inspired ant colony optimization / Aleksander BYRSKI, Ewelina Świderska, Jakub Łasisz, Marek KISIEL-DOROHINICKI, Tom Lenaerts, Dana Samson, Bipin Indurkhya, Ann Nowé // Journal of Computational Science ; ISSN 1877-7503. — 2017 vol. 21, s. 397–406

Socio-cognitive metaheuristic computing / Aleksander BYRSKI. — Kraków : Wydawnictwa AGH, 2018. — 154 [1] s.. — Bibliogr. s. 133–155, Abstr., Streszcz.. — ISBN: 978-83-66016-42-2

Selected ongoing projects:

2020-2024 - Preludium BIS funded by NCN.

2020-2023 Action COST CERCIRAS - AGH as secondary proposer.

2019-2020 PharmOPTIM.pl center of optimization and individualization of pharmacotherapy, concept and pilot implementation. Project funded by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

2019-2023 Digital Innovation HUB, National Agency for Enterprises Development (PARP).

2019-2023 Center of the Computer Science Mastery, Project Centre Digital Poland.

2016-2019 Development project under auspices of EU Funds and Polish Ministry of Digitization: European technological legacy - dissemination of historical and contemporary technical science publications in an innovative IT system, AGH University of Science and Technology 2016, AGH coordinator.

2015 Scientific grant funded by Czestochowa University of Technology MICLAB: Exceeding standard scalability possibilities of Erlang technology: from multi-core to many-core systems.

2015-2017 Polish-Belgian joint research project for years 2015-2017, under the agreement on scientific cooperation between the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation of Belgium: ,,Modeling the emergence of social inequality in multi-agent systems''.

2013-2015 Research project No. FP7 288570 ,,ParaPhrase - Parallel Patterns for Adaptive Heterogeneous Multicore Systems'', principal investigator of the Enlarged Project - AGH.

Team Leader: Prof. dr hab. inż. Aleksander Byrski BPP AGH

Contact: olekb@agh.edu.pl


dr hab. inż. Wojciech Turek, prof. AGH BPP AGH
dr hab. inż. Marek Kisiel-Dorohinicki, prof. AGH BPP AGH
dr inż. Kamil Piętak BPP AGH
dr inż. Roman Dębski BPP AGH
dr inż. Łukasz Faber BPP AGH
dr inż. Jacek Dajda BPP AGH