Characteristics of studies:

Cloud and DevOps Academy is a two-semester postgraduate study aimed at preparing a graduate to work as a Cloud and DevOps Engineer.

The program is run fully in English and fully in online mode. 

The program includes three modules – Engineering Excellence, DevOps and Cloud, and Project-based practice (internship). It covers the following topics: People in IT, Clean Code, Clean Design, Engineering Operations Model, Software development life cycle and VCS, Advanced Systems Administration, Networking, CI/CD, AWS, Azure, Infrastructure as code, Enterprise Delivery Platform.

The internship and laboratory classes will be run by academic teachers and experienced industry experts from EPAM Systems – a leading IT company.  


The study program includes 121 hours of lectures and laboratory classes and a three-month lasting internship where students, supervised by industry experts, will get experience in realizing real practical DevOps and Systems Engineering tasks.

Semester 1

  • Engineering Excellence: People in IT (lecture: 1hr) 
  • Engineering Excellence: Bootcamp  (lecture: 3hrs)
  • Engineering Excellence: Clean Code (lecture: 1hr)
  • Engineering Excellence: Clean Code (workshops: 1hr)
  • Engineering Excellence: Clean Design (lecture 1hr)
  • Engineering Excellence: Clean Design (workshops 2hrs)
  • Engineering Excellence: Engineering Operations Model (lecture: 4hrs)
  • Engineering Excellence: Engineering Operations Model (Workshops: 7hrs)
  • DevOps & Cloud: Software development life cycle and VCS (lecture: 2hrs)
  • DevOps & Cloud: Advanced Systems Administration (workshops: 24hrs)
  • DevOps & Cloud: Computer Networks (lecture: 3hrs)
  • DevOps &Cloud: CI/CD (lecture: 2hrs)
  • DevOps &Cloud: CI/CD (workshops: 3hrs)
  • DevOps & Cloud: AWS (lecture: 4hrs)
  • DevOps & Cloud: AWS (workshop: 8hrs)

Semester 2

  • DevOps & Cloud: Azure (lecture: 2hrs)
  • DevOps & Cloud: Azure (workshops: 8hrs)
  • DevOps & Cloud: Infrastructure as code (lecture: 2hrs)
  • DevOps & Cloud: Infrastructure as code (workshops: 8hrs)
  • DevOps & Cloud: Enterprise Delivery Platform (lecture: 3hrs)
  • DevOps & Cloud: Enterprise Delivery Platform (workshops: 10hrs)

Project based practice (a part of the second semester)

  • Introduction (lecture: 6hrs)
  • Project work (about 2,5 months includes mentoring and workshops) 
  • Presentation of the work (seminar: 4hrs)

Alumnus profile:

The graduate will be familiarized with modern IT-related engineering best practices and with grounded skills in DevOps methodology, version control systems, networking, cloud computing, CI/CD tools, IaC tools and ready to take part in real industry projects as a (Junior) DevOps engineer. In particular, the graduate will be able to: 

  • use and apply the Agile principles, formulas, and different operating models in his practice
  • use in practice main rules and principles for keeping the code clean
  • use and apply the clean design approaches in practice
  • apply engineering principles to visualize, analyze and design the development process
  • keep the development lifecycle in an efficient manner
  • use modern VCSs  in practice
  • manage and administrate Windows and Linux operating systems
  • use Python for DevOps
  • use CI/CD toolset effectively and know how to automate the process and ensure quality and safety for continuous compliance
  • use virtualization services with Azure
  • use virtualization services with AWS
  • use IaC tools like Terraform and Ansible
  • use modern DevOps tools integrated into the enterprise delivery platform


  • Two semesters (XI 2022 – VII 2023)

Application deadline:

  • 22 X 2022

Recruitment conditions, including admission requirements:

Successful candidates must:

  • have BS/MS diploma (engineering, IT, mathematics, physics, economy, or related are preferable)
  • pass English and technical test
  • have experience in one of the programming languages: Java, JavaScript, C#, or Python

Enrollment way:

  • Interested persons are kindly requested to contact us directly

Limit of acceptance:

  • 12 min – 25 max
Required documents:
  • application form
  • consent to the Terms and Conditions
  • higher education diploma:
    • for Polish citizens:
      • a copy of the higher education diploma certified by the university that the candidate graduated from
    • for non-polish citizens:
  • confirmation of making the wire transfer of the registration fee in the amount of  PLN 500
  • confirmation of making the payment of the fee for the first semester of studies no later than 14 days before the start of studies
Address for submitting documents:

Malgorzata Kruszec, M.Sc Institute of Computer Science 
AGH University of Science and Technology
Room: 2.14, Bld. D-17
Kawiory 21, Krakow, Poland
Phone: 48 12 328 33 65

Contact for english speaking candidates: 

Paulina Mularczyk – Mędrykowska, M.Sc.
Phone: +48 12 328 33 21

  • 21600 PLN (including registration fee) it can be paid in two payments 12 000 PLN for the first semester and 9600 for the second one)
  • total payment may be done in two, four or six installments
Details for wire transfers:
Recipient AGH University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunication
Institute of Computer Science
al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Krakow
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): PL55 1240 2294 1111 0010 9554 7623
Title: Registration/Tuition fee – SP “Cloud and DevOps Academy, sub-account number 500 230 60 70. Your name and surname.

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