Zapraszamy na Krakow Quantum Informatics Seminar organizowane wspólnie przez Instytut Informatyki AGH i IBM Software Lab Kraków. Spotkanie odbędzie się we wtorek 22.03.2022 w godzinach 9:35-11:00 via Internet, Webex

W programie: Piotr Czarnik , Institute of Theoretical Physics, Jagiellonian University, Krakow

Temat: Learning-based error mitigation for near-term quantum computers



We introduce a novel approach to error mitigation for near-term quantum computers [1]. The approach is based on learning noise effects on expectation values of observables from classically simulable near-Clifford circuits similar to a circuit of interest [1]. We generalize the approach unifying it with other state-of-the-art approaches [2,3]. Furthermore, we improve its performance imposing symmetry constraints of the simulated system [4]. We provide its proof of principle obtaining orders of magnitude improvements of results for simulations of quantum-many body systems with IBM quantum computers [1, 4, 5].

[1] P. Czarnik, A. Arrasmith, P. Coles, L. Cincio, Quantum 5, 592 (2021)
[2] A. Lowe et al.,  Phys. Rev. Research 3, 033098 (2021)
[3] D. Bultrini et al. arXiv:2107.13470
[4] P. Czarnik et al., in prep.
[5] Y. Zhang et al., arXiv:2106.07619

Bio: Piotr Czarnik  got PhD from theoretical physics at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. He started to work on near-term quantum computation as a Director's Post-Doctoral Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He continues that line of research as an assistant professor at Jagiellonian University.

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