Zapraszamy na Krakow Quantum Informatics Seminar organizowane wspólnie przez Katedrę Informatyki AGH i IBM Software Lab Kraków. Spotkanie odbędzie się we wtorek 22.10.2019 w godzinach 9:30-11:00 w Centrum Informatyki w sali 1.19.

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Filip Galas, Department of Computer Science AGH, Krakow

Temat: Quantum Games on IBM-Q



Considering the rapid development of quantum computing technology, it seems reasonable to ask whether the field of quantum games, considered theoretically since [1], and now finding new applications [2, 3], has a chance for experimental implementation of its achievements on the current IBM Q quantum computers. Their universality and high availability provide excellent conditions for research on quantum games. This talk will give a short introduction to quantum games followed by the presentation of the first published realization of the quantum Prisoner's Dilemma in the Eisert, Wilkens and Lewenstein (EWI) scheme [4] on the IBM Q quantum computer [5]. We will discuss the form of the EWL scheme which meets the requirements of the IBM Q devices, the impact of quantum errors on the game results, and some quantum error correction methods which have been applied to improve these results.


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